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Web 3.0 services offer new ways of selling. New ways of marketing. New ways of communicating. New ways of gathering customer data. Even if you’re feeling a bit resistant to or confused by this new technology, you can’t dispute that that’s a whole lot of potential for business growth. 

So, what could Clearshot Digital help you achieve in the Web 3.0 space? We’re one of the first Web 3.0 companies in Brisbane to offer Web 3.0 marketing services. And we’re here to help you get ahead of the competition. 

The potential of this new world is limitless. Let’s get creative. 

What is Web 3.0 and the Metaverse?

That’s a great question, and, to be honest, the definitions of Web 3.0 are still a bit woolly around the edges. Things are changing — fast — and everyone is learning. 

As a business owner, you just need to know the absolute basics about Web 3.0. We’ll do the rest. 

  • Web 3.0 is an open and decentralised platform. Basically, no big companies own it, and anyone can see any transaction that takes place.
  • It’s the 3rd generation of web technologies, and is heavy on community interaction and artificial intelligence. 
  • Web 3.0 runs on blockchain internet 3.0 technology. (The same technology as Web 3.0 cryptocurrency.) 
  • The metaverse is one element of Web 3.0. Think Virtual Reality. 
  • NFTs are part of Web 3.0. Sell exclusive ownership to non-fungible (unique) products.
  • Community is what it’s all about, using platforms like Discord with levels of invite-only access.
  • Money (crypto coins) and your digital possessions (NFTs) are stored in digital wallets.

What Can Your Business Do With Web 3.0 Services?

The sky is the limit in this space. Here’s just a few ideas of how our Web 3.0 company Brisbane can change the way you do business.

  • Advertise your product inside the metaverse —imagine your branded poster hanging on the wall in a virtual chat room, a virtual yoga studio, or a virtual reality comedy show!
  • Set up your Discord community. A new, more communal place for your audience to connect with your brand and collaborate —a space where your audience chats with each other, as well as with the brand.
  • Offer Web 3.0 cryptocurrency purchases on your website.       
  • Create an NFT project to fundraise for a not-for-profit. 
  • Use those NFT’s as a ticket to access an in person event or access to an online Discord channel.

Clearshot Digital’s Web 3.0 Services

  • NFT strategy, design and minting
  • Discord set up and management
  • Community management and building
  • Web 3.0 cryptocurrency capability
  • NFT project marketing
  • Metaverse advertising
  • Web 3.0 marketing

We’re constantly seeing new opportunities for businesses to market and sell differently with Web 3.0 services. Our Web 3.0 company Brisbane can help you.

You don’t have to understand how the Web 3.0 technology works. That’s our job. You just need to recognise the opportunity. 

Give us a call to start the Web 3.0 conversation. 

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How We Create

Our project team will meet with you to develop a deep understanding of your brand, your customers and your team to gather insights to come up with a bespoke strategy specific to your brand’s needs.

Our UX design team will gather information to make sure that what we design works for your brand as well as your customers. Creating a website helps deliver your business aspirations. We will create high fidelity mock-ups that help you develop a greater understanding of your web development and make sure that you are happy with your design before we begin the development process.

Our web development team work in our Brisbane office and can speak with you directly to make sure that we are constructing a website for your specific requirements. If you need to make amends all you need to do is pick up the phone and call us, our in-house team enables us to make small changes on the go rather than waiting for offshore development to make the changes.

We are experienced content creators and storytellers, to make sure that your website appears at the top of the search results you need to have engaging content that people want to interact with. We can create videos, photos, blogs and podcasts to help tell your complete story to a wide audience.

We will ensure that your website is set up SEO-ly and give you the tools and advice to help you move up the search results. We will also integrate your Facebook and Instagram pages to ensure that your marketing mix works together to achieve your goals.

Once we have completed your website we will give you access to the development version before pushing it live, allowing you to make any last-minute changes to the design. We will make sure that your website is constantly up to date and secure with ongoing management or we set you up with all the tools to help you succeed on your own. We will show you how to update it yourself without relying on a digital team to keep your audience informed.


Building a typical e-commerce website takes time, simple 4 page information based websites can be turned around pretty quickly but the typical e-commerce website takes around 14 weeks from design to launch. Website launch time varies greatly depending on design, how many products you intend on selling or what else you want to include such as events or customer profiles. Whilst planning your website build we will be clear about your expectations so that we will need minimal modifications and have your e-commerce website up and running sooner.

The cost of creating a new website varies upon its type. A simple information based website may only cost a few thousand dollars, but if you run an e-commerce business then the cost of adding an e-commerce shop as well as the products can add to the cost. The biggest impact of cost will be time. The more complex your website is, the more it may cost. We can chat to you about your specific e-commerce business.

There are always some ongoing website costs, whether you build it yourself or reach out to an agency like Clearshot Digital. Ongoing costs include domain registration, hosting (storage of your website data) website builders (WordPress, Shopify) and security certificate. Clearshot Digital can go through these in greater detail.

Optimising your e-commerce website for search engine optimisation (SEO) is relatively simple if you understand what the search engines are looking for. Basic SEO principles are all about creating quality content that people want to engage with. SEO optimisation is an imperfect science and it is important to constantly  analyse your own web content as well as that of your e-commerce website competitors to make sure your keywords are relevant and your pages are performing well.