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We offer professional time-lapse video production in Brisbane and South East Queensland. Our time-lapse video clients include construction firms, developers, not-for-profits, and a major national brewery.

We bring all the high-tech time-lapse camera equipment and install it at the best vantage point— there’s nothing you need to do. We monitor it over the course of the project, change camera position where necessary, and provide you with video, photographs, and interaction analysis if requested. We can also edit the resulting video into a high-quality promotional video to showcase on your website or to prospective clients.

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What Time-Lapse Video Project Will You Record?

Time-lapse cameras can be used in all sorts of interesting ways. As well as recording the construction of high-rise buildings and schools, we’ve also captured wildlife movements in a volcanic crater and recorded a river restoration project to help protect the Great Barrier Reef.

You might want to record an event your business is putting on, a large-scale art or carpentry project, or use time lapse video to record your classic car restoration!

Whether for business or a passion project, a time-lapse camera is an impressive way to showcase your work. 

Our Time-Lapse Camera Equipment

We use the leading time-lapse camera technology. Our flexible solution harnesses the power of DSLR, gives a wider field-of-view and can capture and upload images as fast as every five minutes. Our system also includes a standalone power supply and weatherproof housing together with ongoing support, to allow for 24/7 monitoring over the life of your project.

  • Advanced 4G micro-computer
  • Your choice of DSLR and lens
  • 20W solar panel and 12600 mAh lithium-ion battery (AC optional)
  • Up to 100° field of view
  • 3-axis image framing​
  • 64GB flash storage
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Our Timelapse Video Clients

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