Long Term Time-Lapse

We offer industry-leading long-term time-Lapse equipment in Brisbane and provide a platform that can include video, photographs and interaction analytics to get the most out of your content.

Our flexible solution that harnesses the power of DSLR, gives a wider field-of-view and can capture and upload images as fast as every five minutes. Our system also includes a standalone power supply and weatherproof housing together with ongoing support, to allow for 24/7 monitoring over the life of your project.

  • Advanced 4G micro-computer
  • Your choice of DSLR and lens
  • 20W solar panel and 12600 mAh lithium-ion battery (AC optional)
  • Up to 100° field of view
  • 3-axis image framing​
  • 64GB flash storage

Talk to us about your upcoming long-term time-lapse project for rates.

PhotoSentinal Mach 2

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