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Stuck on page 5 of Google search results? Got a great website but no traffic? Unsure where to start with SEO and PPC advertising, or what you’re doing isn’t working? We can help. 

Clearshot Digital offers cost-effective digital growth and targeted search advertising. Our PPC and SEO services provider can shoot you up the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and deliver the traffic you need. 

SEO is a very affordable digital marketing strategy that delivers exceptional results when done correctly. When it comes to SEO and Pay-Per-Click advertising, we work hard to get you the most bang for your buck, and our data-driven approach doesn’t mess around.

Search Engine Optimisation Services are Crucial to Business Growth

Businesses need to adapt to an ever-changing online search landscape to even remain competitive in the SEO and online space, let alone become a leader. 

As a busy business owner, it’s unlikely you have time to know the latest SEO keywords and algorithms, and even if you do get across it, they change again! 

SEO services are something you can comfortably outsource to the professionals. Let us take over, and watch your rankings climb. 

Our team of Brisbane and Australian SEO experts are at the cutting edge of SEO services, and have a proven track record of boosting traffic. Our search engine optimisation services will be tailored to your brand by your dedicated account manager.


Why does SEO matter?

Visibility is everything. Most people searching won’t go past page one of Google results, or whatever search engine they’re using. That’s the brutal truth of it. So if you’re stuck on page 5, you are in the wilderness. Barely a ‘car’ goes by, let alone anything you could call traffic. 

Search engine optimisation is how you get onto that first page, and if we play all the cards right, up to that holy grail of position 1 — or even better, the almighty ‘featured snippet’, position 0. 

The more efficient your (our) SEO efforts are, the higher your SERP ranking and visibility will be. The higher your ranking, the more potential clients will see you and click through to your site. 

There’s another positive byproduct of working on your SEO: it just makes your site better all-round. To get great SEO, you need to produce keyword-rich, quality content — content that meets common keywords and questions your potential clients are plugging into the search bar. 

So the end result is that your website is relevant and useful, and that people get what they’re looking for. It’s a win-win.

Expert SEO Services

On-Page Optimisation

Using the right amount of practical keywords and while also writing engaging content for your web pages.

Link Building & Outreach

Safe and effective link building and outreach techniques to build high quality domain authority backlinks.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO to make your website smoother, faster, and with best practice structure for generating more traffic.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion of traffic into real customers and leads through our effective CRO and SEO campaigns.

Why Clearshot Digital for SEO?

When it comes to what search engines are looking for, we know what we’re doing. Our search engine optimisation services have evolved over time to keep up with every upgrade and shift in the digital or online space.  

We get a kick out of digging into the data and creating targeted SEO plans for each business we deal with. Yes, we’re complete data nerds, but when it comes to SEO and PPC, you definitely want the nerds on your team. 

Whether you’re a startup or an established business wanting better traffic, we’re here to help deliver you powerful, cost-effective SEO that launches your website up the search rankings.

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Optimising your e-commerce website for search engine optimisation (SEO) is relatively simple if you understand what the search engines are looking for. Basic SEO principles are all about creating quality content that people want to engage with. SEO optimisation is an imperfect science and it is important to constantly  analyse your own web content as well as that of your e-commerce website competitors to make sure your keywords are relevant and your pages are performing well. 

Pay-per-click or PPC is one of the tools in a digital marketers toolbox. Essentially it is an ad that is placed for your e-commerce website on a digital platform that charges you every time a potential consumer clicks on your ad. common PPC locations are on Google search, Facebook and Instagram. The process is very budget oriented meaning that a higher budget will generally get greater results. if you are thinking about engaging in PPC ads it is important to get the information right on your e-commerce website to ensure you convert guests to customers.

While both SEO and PPC strategies aim for a similar outcome, bringing potential customers to your e-commerce website they do it in very different ways. In essence SEO is a free way to build your website’s reputation whereas PPC is a paid tactic, used to bring more traffic to your e-commerce website through sites like Google, Facebook and instagram.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the means of building your website’s online “reputation” and increasing traffic to your e-commerce business. Google and other search engines rank all websites in order to provide the best possible search results for people using their platforms. You cannot “buy” a good organic search ranking which keeps all online businesses on a level playing field regardless of size or budgets.

Absolutely! whether you realise it or not you are probably already using digital marketing to increase sales for your e-commerce business, maybe via a facebook page, or Google business listing. These tactics as well as others help drive potential consumers to your e-commerce website. Understanding the right mix of digital marketing strategies is the key to a healthy e-commerce business.