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Social Media Marketing.  It’s a game changer, allowing you to reach new customers, build loyalty, and catapult your brand into the big time. Done right, you can get a whole lot of bang for your buck with social media, with a ROI that puts traditional print or broadcast media advertising to shame. Social media marketing may be a science when it comes to the ever-changing algorithms, but it’s also the very human art of creating connection.

Feel like you're yelling into the void on social media?

Sure, social media marketing is a gamechanger.  But only if you know how to play the game. Maybe you’ve got a great product or service, but you’re not getting traction on social media. Maybe you’re putting effort into your socials, but not seeing the results. Or maybe you’re so busy that social media is just an afterthought, making the random post here and there that only get likes from your family and friends. (Thanks mum.)

We’re here to change that.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Don’t have time for social media marketing? Outsource it. Who are we? We’re a Brisbane social media marketing agency who can take care of all aspects of your online brand, including:


Depending on your audience, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are your big hitters when it comes to building your brand. Twitter too,  in some circumstances.  Tik Tok? Well, that’s a conversation we need to have. Google My Business posts are also important and often forgotten in a busy week. We can create and manage a multi-platform social media campaign, whether you’re wanting to post daily or weekly.


Social media is incredibly visual, so you’ll need eye-catching images and video for your posts in order to cut through. Clearshot Digital is really strong on this, as we have an in-house video production and photography team. We can come to your business for a shoot and create an entire library of attention-grabbing images and videos for use across your socials and website, and create a YouTube channel to host your videos. Our graphic designer can also create professional graphics to accompany your posts.


We can create pay-per-click advertising campaigns that drive traffic to your website, from Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram —and yes, maybe Tik Tok if your audience is younger, or LinkedIn if you’re trying to build authority in a professional sector.  Let’s talk about that.

Account Management

Once we know your brand, we can manage your socials for you, as well as doing social outreach to build your profile with other key players in your sector. We’ll start by analysing your social media data and see what’s cutting through, and what needs to change.

How To ‘Do’ Social Media Well

Social Media Marketing is a delicate balance of original and shared posts, visual and written content, as well as a bit of time invested into following relevant brands to get the reciprocity going. You’ll want to supplement your content with a strategy of paid social ads on google, facebook and instagram, and figure out what works for your audience. 

Speaking of which, do you know who your customer personas are? It’s easier to create great social content when you know who you’re talking to.  It’s almost impossible to create great social content if you don’t.


Hiring a good social media agency can remove a lot of the stress of running a business in a world where there are so many platforms, and so little time. 

Outsourcing your social media marketing to Clearshot Digital allows you to focus on what you’re really passionate about, growing your business. Let’s chat!

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Social media marketing is a broad term which refers to the use of social media platforms to market a product or service. This is especially important if you are an e-commerce business which relies heavily on social content to sell its products or services. If done well it provides e-commerce businesses with a cost effective way of connecting with potential customers and showcasing your brand to a wide audience.

The ever changing world of social media can be daunting for many e-commerce businesses, and a powerful tool for those that know how to harness it. Often social media is more of an afterthought than a dedicated marketing strategy. Hiring a good social media agency can remove a lot of the stress, simply send us the content and we’ll do the rest. allowing you to focus on what you’re really passionate about, your e-commerce business.

Social Media agencies help your e-commerce business run their social media pages, create PPC advertising campaigns, create content, grow your audience, talk to your customers and grow your brand’s reputation online. If you’re struggling to manage any of this your e-commerce business may be falling behind the competition. A social media agency like Clearshot Digital can put together a strategy to achieve your business  goals.