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Clearshot provides user experience and user interface, UX design in Brisbane. Thoroughly testing out our design to make sure that your website is efficient and user friendly. 

What is UX Design?

UX stands for user experience, it focuses on how it feels to use a product, app or website.

A well-designed product should be simple to use. It should evoke positive feelings like confidence, trust and enjoyment in the user. A poorly designed product on the other hand can make a user feel confused or distrustful.

If you take shortcuts in the UX design process, it will affect the overall product quality. That’s why good UX designers carefully follow the UX design process.

You can find out more about UX Design from the UX Design Institute HERE

We follow the UX design process to ensure we gather as much information as possible about the target user of your website and make it as easy as possible for them to complete desired outcomes.

We will create low fidelity (sketches) and High fidelity protoypes (interactive designs) to get a feel for the finished product and make sure everyone is on the same page.

We will intensively test the website to make sure that it functions as designed and give you the tools to manage the website yourself. We will also be on hand to help with any problems that arise.

The UX, UI Design Process

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We take a Human-centred approach ensuring we develop a great understanding of the final user and the people that will be interacting with your website on a regular basis.

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Once we have finished the learning phase and uncovered any potential barriers we will begin on the design. utilising low and high fidelity prototypes to make sure that you are happy before we begin construction.

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Once the website is built we will begin testing to make sure that the website meets your needs. is it simple to use. is it intuitive does it help your customers complete tasks efficiently?

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