Every single business needs a digital marketing strategy. But the digital marketing landscape is massive — a confusing, ever-changing universe of channels and strategies and conflicting advice. It’s a rare business owner or manager who has time or opportunity to be across this fast-moving element of their business. But it’s crucial that someone is. 

If you don’t have digital marketing experts on your side, you risk frittering time and money away making miniscule inroads — gaining five followers here, a one-position jump on Google, or a short-term spike in page visits. When you’re doing it yourself in your spare moments, 5000 followers on socials feels like an ever-moving target, like that pot of gold at the end of the marketing rainbow. Doing your own digital marketing is a waste of your time. 

Time is money. You need a digital marketing agency to do the work for you. But when you’re choosing a digital marketing service in Brisbane and beyond, you need to find a marketing agency with a diverse set of skills in-house.

You need a digital marketing agency that does it all.

The Headache of Using Multiple Digital Marketing Agencies

Many digital agencies say they do it all, but then need to farm out jobs to external videographers, podcast producers or web developers as they don’t have the skills in-house. 

The last thing you want is to use one agency for video and photography, another for your podcast, another for your socials and paid advertising, another to build your website, and yet another for SEO

The headache of managing all those people separately — and making sure they talk to each other on the projects that overlap— will obliterate the time savings you thought you’d gain by outsourcing your digital marketing. You also don’t want a bunch of specialists all giving you different advice on what matters and where you should spend your money. 

Digital marketing is at its most effective when everyone is on the same page. Where you, as the client, get to talk to one person about your business marketing goals… and they manage the rest. 

Simplify Your Digital Marketing Strategy by Bringing it Under One Digital Agency

At Clearshot Digital agency in Brisbane, we have the skills in-house to run a complete digital marketing strategy. With this model, there is a direct line of communication between you and the head of the agency, who then delegates tasks within the team. 

Nick Robinson, the founder of Clearshot Digital, oversees your project and builds a digital marketing strategy for your business. As an ex TV cameraman and editor, he’s also in charge of our corporate videography and photography services. We also have a team of specialists in content-writing and social media, podcasting, SEO, paid advertising, e-learning and web development. 

What does this mean for our digital marketing clients?

You call us. We get it done. We don’t say, ‘sorry, we don’t have people for that, we only do X’. And we’re happy to tackle any size of marketing project, whether it takes five minutes or five months.

Our strength is our diversity of digital skills, and our willingness to get involved.

We happily turn our hands to anything in the marketing or digital space, from creating e-learning courses to podcasts to setting up a time-lapse for a project. We can write your websites and blogs and socials, and optimise your website for SEO.  

We’re the person you call to say ‘We’ve decided to have a sale next Friday and we need to run some Google ads and send an EDM’, or ‘It’s World Environment Day this week, can you do up a quick post for us?’

And because we build and manage websites, we’re also the person you can call when your website is having a problem —even if we didn’t build it. Give us the logins and we can figure it out. We have a keen eye on the marketing opportunities of the future, like Web 3.0, AI and NFTs, but we also see the value in old-school print advertising like brochures. 

Clearshot Digital are the people you call when your business has a digital challenge of any kind. We like challenges. 

Marketing questions you might hit us with:

  • Can you help me start a podcast?
  • Is facebook advertising even worth it any more? 
  • We need help to get to page one on Google.
  • I need a new website!
  • Should we be using Threads/TikTok/LinkedIn
  • Can you mint us an NFT?
  • How do we run a competition to get more email subscribers?
  • My Shopify website is malfunctioning! Help!
  • What is Web 3.0 and what relevance does it have for my business? 
  • We need a video walk-through of our facility to show clients.
  • How can I use AI in marketing?
  • Can you create a QR code for an event competition I’m running?
  • Can you please write me a landing page for a new product?
  • Can you help me apply for a grant to build my business?
  • Can you please optimise my website for SEO? 
  • I need some Google ads for a sale. 
  • We want to record some Ask the Expert videos with our staff.
  • Can you set up a timelapse video for an event or project we’re doing?
  • We want to launch an e-learning course, can you write and build it?
  • We need professional photos of all our staff, can you do this for us?
  • Can you design us a print brochure?

Digital Marketing is Adaptable. And So Are We.

Digital marketing is amazing. It offers a whole world of opportunities, incredible customer data, and impressive adaptability that simply cannot be matched by traditional print, radio, and TV advertising. 

Because it’s all so trackable, you can change your strategy at any time —in a way you could never do once you’ve already spent a big budget on a TV ad. If we find your Google ads aren’t converting to sales? We jump on and pull the ad down. Put that money to something else. 

You can also decide an entire channel isn’t for your business. We can track who’s engaging with your content, and give you tailored advice on which marketing channels can either help you break into another demographic, or which channels probably aren’t worth your time. 

We love figuring out which type of marketing, platform or technology works for your particular challenge. And we’re never afraid to pull something that’s not working and suggest something else!

Clearshot Digital is a do-it-all agency. And we love getting stuck in. Our digital marketing agency is in Brisbane, but we have clients across Australia.

Please get in touch to start a conversation about what you want to achieve in your business and how we can help you do it.