Project: Podcast Production

The Brief:

A while back we fielded a call from a young woman called Lulu, who wanted to start a fun, energetic podcast for the PR company she worked for. She had pitched the idea of a filmed podcast to her boss at Bayly PR because they needed some long-form video content for Tik-Tok, and she knew that podcasts are a content-generating machine.

The boss said yes. 

And then…Lulu realised she knew nothing about podcasting.

She approached us with complete honesty. She had no idea if she would use our services as she was touring a bunch of Brisbane podcast studios, and really just wanted to pick our brains about podcasting so she could learn to do it all herself. 

We loved that honesty! We are always happy to chat about podcasting. But we also knew from experience what Lulu was about to learn —that doing a podcast yourself is a huge amount of work with a steep learning curve and a considerable investment in equipment and software.

Fast-forward a few weeks later, and Bayly PR was signing on as our newest client. The PR/etty Average podcast was born. 

Listen in on our podcast episode with Lulu about what it’s been like to start a podcast and how they created a fantastic launch campaign.

What We Delivered:

After realising how much work there was involved in DIY podcasting, Lulu decided they needed a podcast process that was quick and easy from their end. So we booked our Milton recording studio for the Bayly PR team for one hour per week to record their conversation, and we offered to take care of the rest.

Clearshot Director Nick Robinson sat in as a producer on the first couple of recording sessions, to tweak cameras, sound levels, and give guidance. As soon as the Bayly team were comfortable with running it themselves, we just let them into the studio, pressed go on the cameras, and walked out of the room. Not having a producer in the room made our already affordable podcast studio rates even more affordable. 

Once the session was over, the Clearshot editing team took over to neaten up the recording, add music, and upload it to podcast channels. Each week, Lulu receives an email from us to tell her that her podcast is ready to share with the world. Job done!


Bayly PR now has a professional podcast for an extremely small outlay of time, with a one hour recording session per week and roughly 30 minutes of prep time. They have opted for a casual conversation style of podcast which takes very little prep time, and that chatty, fun style connects really well with their target audience. 

Their podcast is going phenomenally well, with over 1500 listens in the first 10 eps.

The biggest win for them though, is the sheer amount of content that their podcast is generating for their social channels. Because their podcast is recorded on video as well as audio, they can turn each 1 hour recording session into at least 30 short video clips, as well as longer-form content. Which is a phenomenal amount of content to play with by anyone’s measure. 

We always say that at Clearshot, we help people podcast in whatever way suits them.  Our work with Bayly PR really reflects that philosophy, as we let them pick the services they need— rather than selling them the whole shop. For a client like Bayly, that’s access to the studio without a producer, a basic edit, and sending them the final product with no fuss. Too easy! 

Other clients ask us to manage the whole podcast production, including hosting, topic setting and comprehensive editing…and that’s great too.  There are so many ways to record a podcast, and we’ll meet you where you are. 

Get in touch for a chat about podcasting.