Dr Jyotica Ruba- Podcast & Website Build

The Brief:

Dr Jyotica Ruba initially approached us to record a podcast to promote her services as a fertility specialist. The scope of the project quickly grew into a new website build, corporate videography and photography, and a marketing campaign.

What We Delivered:

We began our relationship with Dr Ruba with a podcast recording session in our podcast studio here in Milton. This initial one-hour record was then edited by our team into 5 short podcast episodes. Recording the podcast straight off was an amazing way of generating a bunch of multipurpose content quickly, as well as allowing us to really understand our client’s business. We’ve recorded a podcast interview with Dr Jyoti explaining what it was like to start her podcast. Check it out!

Because the client also needed a website— fast— we began by creating a ‘placeholder’ one-page website to send clients to while we worked on the permanent website. To drive traffic to the site we ran an ad campaign across Google and Meta, and created an informative fertility guide as a PDF download to increase brand authority and conversions.

Our videography and photography team visited Dr Ruba’s clinic for a content day shoot, resulting in a library of professional videos and images to use across the website and comms.

At the same time, we set up the client’s social media accounts, adding posts and videos of interview and podcast content. 

In the background, we were working with our developer to build version 2 of the website to replace the temporary one, with more pages, resources, and functionality. 

Once the final website was fully functioning, we launched the podcast, and got Dr Ruba in for another recording session to create the following 5 short podcast eps.


It’s difficult to break into a competitive field like fertility in a new city. This is a speciality where ‘word of mouth’ reigns supreme and there are many well-established players. We used a range of digital and marketing techniques to establish Dr Ruba’s presence with content that is true to her authentic, expert voice. 

It’s been a fast, efficient process, whereby our client, who had no digital presence when she met with us only 3 months earlier, now had a website, a podcast, social media accounts and a library of high-quality video and photo resources, plus ongoing marketing campaigns to build her client base. 

Episode 1: Meet a Podcast Client: Dr Jyotica Ruba

At Clearshot, we help people podcast in whatever way suits them. Todays Guest is Dr Jyotica Ruba where we discuss her podcast Fertile Ground, and the experience of making it so far.