Project: Videography: ‘Ask our Expert’ Video Series

The Brief:

When pregnant, worrying about illness, or facing surgery, people have a lot of questions. How many C-Sections can I have? What’s the difference between public and private maternity care? What are the signs and symptoms of a heart attack? 

In order to answer common health questions, Ramsay Health Care, Australia’s largest operator of private hospitals, approached us to create a series of informational videos to inform their patients and put their minds at ease.

A woman with a newborn baby lies in a hospital bed. Her Ramsay Health obstetrician stands by the bed, answering her birth recovery and postnatal questions.
Ask Our Expert SEO Videos: Know Your Audience

These days, many people turn to the internet to get their surgery and maternity questions answered, typing in commonly-asked queries like ‘What does life look like after experiencing a heart attack?’ or ‘How long does an epidural take to wear off?’ 

This search term data is hugely instructive, as it allows us to create videos for the client that answer the real questions that people are asking. SEO keyword research is literally a window into what people want to know. Smart businesses then use that data to their advantage.

What We Produced:

Armed with keyword research on the medical questions people are typing into Google, the Clearshot videography team visited a series of Ramsay private hospitals for filming and photography days. The Ramsay Health team organised a series of expert staff- surgeons, midwives, doctors, nurses and physiotherapists- to front up to camera and share their expertise by answering the commonly-asked questions off the SEO cheat-sheet. 

Our video post production team then edited the ‘Ask Our Expert’ videos, added subtitles and music, and presented them to the client, who now has a library of informational videos to post online across multiple platforms, building their relationships with the audience and their brand authority as the surgical and maternity hospital experts.