Project: Website Design + Member Platform + E-Learning + Marketing

The Brief:

AQIA came to us with a big idea. They wanted a brand new website, but one with lots of added functionality. The new website was to operate as a member platform—a resources hub where members could access events, e-learning courses and services to help their clubs grow.

The website we built and maintain on AQIA’s behalf operates as an all-in-one member platform, e-learning platform and e-commerce platform, with dashboard access for members.

Member Platform:

The use of User Profiles provides the client with rich data on how users engage with the site, and which types of content, outreach, and events are the most popular with their members.  In this way, the website functions as a continual feedback system for the client to know what is working, and what needs to be improved.


We custom-built an e-learning platform, and e-learning courses to sit within it. This allows AQIA members to study courses developed exclusively for AQIA and e-learning partners.


We built the client an e-commerce platform within the website that allows them to sell AQIA events, e-learning courses, and services to their members. These e-learning courses have been a great success for AQIA, with their first course on COVID-safe operations downloaded by their members over 20,000 times.

Digital Marketing:

We launched the AQIA website with a social media and EDM campaign targeting people who had already engaged with the brand. We got a great response from organisations and clubs throughout Queensland, with a huge uptick in people signing up for services, events and completing e-learning modules.

When it came to the ongoing digital marketing campaign, we ran a series of ‘tests’ of what would be the most effective for their market. After running a series of ads and social media posts, we found that email direct marketing (EDM) was the most successful and cost-effective for this particular client. We are always looking at the data to improve performance.


At Clearshot, we believe in collaboration throughout the design phase and beyond. We provided the client with multiple low and high fidelity prototypes before the development of the final design. Clearshot continues to maintain the AQIA website, analyse user data, run EDMs and advise on digital strategy.