Project: SEO Overhaul

The Brief:

The client came to us, asking us to SEO optimise his website —a company selling tattoo practice skins and tattoo machines. His site had amazing visuals but very little text, and he’d been told that his SEO rankings were very poor. It was hurting his traffic, and hurting his sales. Our job was to turn that around.

What We Delivered:

Shivam, our Senior SEO Executive did a full SEO audit of the GENISYNTH website. Despite the cool visuals and high-quality products, they were being seriously outgunned by their competitors on their online presence, and didn’t appear on the first page of Google for their key product line. 

The reason? Their SEO was extremely poor. The company had all these fantastic products, but their product pages and metadata didn’t use commonly searched keywords, and the site was littered with duplicate content and duplicate pages. There was barely any text on any of the pages, so the search engine bots had nothing to crawl and rank, and pages were missing the H1 headings that allows Google and other search engines to understand what the page is about.