Podcast Project: The Indexed

The Brief:

This podcast project is a little bit different, as Joan Westernberg isn’t really a client, but more of a collaborator.

We sought her out, rather than the other way around. At Clearshot, we’re super interested in all things Web 3, business and tech, so Joan’s outstanding tech newsletter was already on our radar. 

Joan has a significant audience across her tech newsletter and substack, and published superb content based on her expertise. In fact, the woman is a content machine! But what she didn’t have — and what we saw the opportunity for — was a podcast. 

We knew people were hungry for podcast content in this space, and that someone like Joan, who knows this stuff backwards and has a great way of explaining it, would make a genuinely interesting podcast. 

So we reached out and pitched it to her. And she said yes.

What We Delivered:

At the time of writing (September 23), we’re 10 episodes in on the first season of ‘The Indexed’. Not only that, but Joan roped Clearshot’s Director, Nick Robinson, into being the podcast host  —which to be fair, was just a welcome opportunity for him to geek out on his favourite subject matter.

The podcast is recorded remotely, with Nick, Joan and guests all in separate locations. Then Nick gets to work afterwards on the audio file, cleaning up any repetition or mistakes before broadcast. It’s a really efficient operation — one that just requires that Joan turns up and talk about what she knows best, inviting other interesting guests along for the ride.


The podcast is a great example of leveraging someone’s existing knowledge and network. We find that our clients often underestimate how much of an audience there is out there, hungry for the information they just carry around in their heads. They assume everyone knows this stuff —but they don’t! A podcast is a really strong way to convey your expertise, while building your brand and reach. 

Joan now has a podcast to add to her very impressive resume. And let’s face it. If you’ve got expertise, and an existing audience for written content, the next step must be a podcast. It’s great to be working with Joan on The Indexed podcast, and we’re loving watching the numbers grow.