Project: Online Booking Platform

The Brief:

UQ Cricket Blues Academy’s customers were increasingly expecting to be able to book and pay online. So the club engaged Clearshot Digital to create an online booking and payment system — allowing parents to select session times, view coaching availability, and pay securely online. 

Real efficiencies are gained for the business by installing an online booking system, such as removing the need for having cash on the premises, and ditching those Excel spreadsheets for tracking bookings. There’s an easier way!

What We Built:

We built the Cricket Academy’s online booking system and payment gateway with Bookly appointment and scheduling software. The system is enabled with Stripe for secure credit and debit card payments, with other payment types such as Paypal also available.

Users can purchase multiplemultipul appointments in the one transaction, and online bookings trigger automatic booking confirmation emails to both buyer and coach. In this client’s platform, the booking remains pending until the coach either approves or declines the booking.

Online booking systems improve convenience for parents as they can browse different coach and session time availability to find the best suit for their family’s schedule. They can also book and pay after-hours, and receive email confirmations with calendar invites as well as links to cancel the booking.

All clubs have to do is input their coach availability and session timetables…and the rest is automated. No more spreadsheets, parent phone calls after hours, or confusing paper timetables trying to keep track of bookings and coach availability. It can now all easily be done online. 

The Results:

We delivered a functional, easy-to-use online booking and payment system that has delivered both convenience to the Academy’s customers and efficiency to the club. 

UQ Cricket Blues Academy have streamlined their operations with the addition of this simple bit of tech —freeing up staff hours, removing cash payments, and simplifying administration processes. 

Now everyone can focus on what really matters…thats cricket!