Project: E-Commerce Website Design

The Brief:

Right Floors was a newly created brand stemming from a long-standing Brisbane based flooring company. They had an idea of creating an online flooring business to sell their floors direct to consumers. Right Floors came to Clearshot Digital requiring an e-commerce website for their customers to purchase flooring direct from the warehouse with the savings on flashy showrooms going direct to the consumer,  giving them a competitive advantage.

Right Floors has hundreds of products which made the online store challenging. What made things even trickier was that Right Floors cannot show the prices of all of their products due to agreements with their suppliers. So we had to build an e-commerce website that would show the prices of some products but not others as well as keep them in price order so that you could filter the products by price.

What We Did:

What we came up with was a Magento e-commerce website that was powerful enough to store all of these products as well as product information, brochures and installation documents. There are numerous ways for people to find the products that they are looking for, either by searching directly or by going through one of the many categories, laminate, vinyl, timber, carpet, hybrid, tiles and more.

We realised that buying flooring online would be tricky for the average person who is undertaking a DIY project, so we created some tools to help them overcome this barrier. We used the live chat widget to make sure that people could ask any questions they had, a blog with DIY tips and tricks, we attached supplier catalogues and brochures on the products page and a handy calculator to help figure out how much of a particular flooring you need to order to get the job done properly.

The Results:

We are really proud of the work achieved by our team on this e-commerce website project and the success is shown by the sheer volume of sales that Right Floors records through this website. We are constantly looking for more ways to make the user experience easier and overcome barriers to purchasing flooring products online, so watch this space!