Project: E-Commerce Platform + Videography + Social Media

The Brief:

When Covid-19 became a global pandemic in early 2020 and Bars and restaurants began to shut down Suncoast Fresh, a wholesale fruit and vegetable distributor faced some difficult times ahead.

Suncoast Fresh pivoted their business to help deliver fruit and vegetables in boxes straight from the farm to consumers, offering home delivery from Byron Bay to the Sunshine Coast.

We Partnered with Suncoast Fresh to build an eCommerce platform on their existing website which was let customers create an account, choose the type of box they wanted and arrange a delivery date.

We used Social media to help inform consumers about Suncoast Fresh’s new offering, creating a range fun of videos about what was included in the boxes as well as informative videos about odd fruit and vegetables, farms they are produced and the great people that grow our fruit and vegetables.

We used social media to create engagement with the brand, sharing user-generated content of people opening the boxes, and photos of the boxes turning up on people’s doorsteps.

We were able to partner with Suncoast Fresh during the COVID-19 lockdown to provide farm-fresh fruit and vegetables to families, support the producers, restaurants and businesses that were struggling and helped Suncoast Fresh stay afloat during an uncertain time.