Project: Videography and Photography

The Brief:

Clearshot Digital partnered with Suncoast Fresh to capture photos and video for use on their social media channels.

We filem a series of videos to showcase the fantastic products that Suncoast Fresh delivers, The incredible people that grow the produce and some fresh ideas for what to do with it.

As the business focussed more on the direct to consumer market we filemd videos informing the D2C consumers about the fruit and veg boxes, ran competitions to help promote it and encouraged people to send in their photos receiving the boxes.

The videos would not have been a success without the hard work and can-do attitude of Graeme and the team making their social content and Suncoast at home such a success. What these videos showed was consumers’s appetite for this type of content. We saw increased engagement with the brand nurturing an audience of 5,000 people in under 2 months.