Project: E-Commerce Website, Marketing & Photography

The Brief:

The Tropic Gardener had a problem. The customers at their boutique tropical plant nursery wanted an online store. And the owners knew that not having an e-commerce store was limiting their market reach, for while the nursery was popular with locals, they were flying under the radar for the rest of Brisbane and SE QLD.

The Tropic Gardener had a very basic, bare-bones website with a few outdated products on it, but no e-commerce store and no stock management system. Because they had little content on their original website, they were ranking very poorly on critical search terms.

So they came to us for a major reboot.  And we built them a beauty. An e-commerce website with stock management, stunning graphics, and SEO-rich content with all the right keywords.

E-Commerce Platform:

After a bit of research into what they needed, we determined that Shopify was the best platform for them. We used plugins on Shopify for events and auctions, and connected it to their internal stock management system. Our in-house developer is a Shopify expert, which allows us to create truly bespoke designs that stand out in a crowded marketplace.


The visuals were super-important to this project. One of our designer contacts created that gorgeous home page illustration, and we went in and helped the team take amazing photos of the plants and centre.


We collaborated closely with the The Tropic Gardener team, providing them with Adobe XD designs to help them understand the look and feel of the finished website. We also taught the team how to update the product pages themselves to reflect new products and stock levels. After a successful launch, we handed the website over, but are always on hand to provide assistance, and we’re continuing the digital marketing campaign with SEO ads.


What we finished with was a beautiful Shopify store that would help The Tropic Gardener grow their audience, offer their products online, and keep track of stock, while staying true to their brand’s character.

We provided them with a website that could promote their complete offering to a huge online audience, while also leaving them room to grow in the future.

The Tropic Gardener team has some pretty ambitious plans for their garden centre, so make sure that you follow them to keep up to date!