Project: Website Build + Booking System

The Brief:

V1 Cyclery engaged Clearshot Digital to design and build a new website. Their old website had not been updated in several years and was in need of a refresh.

What V1 Cyclery was after was a simple and clean new website that would stay up to date for a long time, as well as the tools to make simple updates themselves.

We designed a simple website with large interchangeable hero images that would keep the website feeling fresh for years to come. We used WordPress to build the website framework, and a bunch of simple plug-ins to ensure that the website would update itself and that people could easily get in contact with the shop.

Hubtiger Integration
V1 Cyclery wanted to integrate a service booking system into their new website for their customers too quickly and easily book their bike in to be services or repaired. We were able to integrate HubTiger, a bike specific software on their website. We connected their POS system and added their existing clients in to make sure that the transition was a smooth as possible. The HubTiger platform not only allows V1 Cyclery customer to quickly book their bike into the mechanic but the app also allows them to track how old their bike components are and reminds them to get their bike serviced at regular intervals.